Renaissance Bath Series

Renaissance Bath Series ™ are beautifully designed without the grout nor the maintenance.
Renaissance Bath Series ™ are created with a unique polymer blend that allows consumers to get an incredible tile look finish in multiple design layouts. The wall panels are mold resistant and requires no use of grout – offering easy care and longevity.


With the fresh new look, Renaissance Bath Series ™ offers a great value at a surprisingly affordable price!


You don’t have to forgo functionality for a stylish look. Renaissance Bath Series ™ panels look beautiful in any environment while offering a host of benefits including mold and mildew resistant.


The non-porous nature of Renaissance Bath Series ™ defends against the penetration of micro-organisms into the surface. The product does not contain any anti-microbial chemicals or other additives.


Renaissance Bath Series ™ do not have the pores or holes that represent a desirable habitat for micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and germs as well as the food sources they need to reproduce and survive.


Renaissance Bath Series ™ maintain their color, lust and shine. The panels are long lasting and sustain wear over years of use with minimal maintenance.


Renaissance Bath Series ™ panels are easy to keep clean. Their smooth surface resists dirt and they wipe clean with a cloth, no harsh cleaning chemicals are needed.

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